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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

regenerative stem cell therapy Studio city

Regenerative Cell Therapy Studio City

Regenerative medicine uses cutting-edge technology to harvest mesenchymal stem cells that give the body additional tools for the healing process. The team at ProHealth Physical Medicine in Studio City, California offers regenerative medicine to assist repair of damaged tissues and decrease inflammation. Patients around the greater Los Angeles area are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss if regenerative medicine can benefit them.

Regenerative Cell Therapy Q & A

The cells used in regenerative medicine come from amniotic fluid from healthy, full-term pregnancies who are pre-screened for health. Once these tissues are harvested, they’re taken to a lab where the mesenchymal stem cells inside the tissues are isolated, prepared for use, and stored until they’re needed.


ProHealth Physical Medicine uses products from an FDA approved cord bank, including mesenchymal stem cells, to help rejuvenate your tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells work within your body to elicit a healing response that allows your tissues to repair themselves. The products are safe, effective, and appropriate for patients.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are essentially blank slates: they can differentiate into various cell types, such as bone, cartilage, muscle, and fat cells, depending on the signals they receive from the environment. MSCs can also secrete anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory factors that can reduce inflammation, prevent tissue damage, and promote tissue regeneration. When harvested, along with naturally occurring growth factors, and placed in your body it signals to the damaged cells to heal.


With regenerative medicine, a specially formulated combination of cells and growth factors is injected into an injured area of your body. Injecting mesenchymal stem cells into the area allows for new cell growth that’s free of the damage or disfunction causing your pain.

There are many benefits to using regenerative medicine over traditional methods. Regenerative products have been used over the last century to repair damaged tissues and improve the health of the body’s existing tissues. Other benefits of regenerative medicine include:


  • Allow for the avoidance of steroids
  • Allow for the reduction/disuse of pain medications
  • Can replace or delay surgery
  • Naturally reduces inflammation
  • Immunomodulatory factors reduce the risk of infection
  • Contains hyaluronic acid that lubricates the joints
  • Reduces recovery time

Regenerative medicine is safe and effective in almost every situation related to joint and muscle pain. If you want to avoid taking medications or having surgery, make an appointment to learn how regenerative medicine can help you.

ProHealth Physical Medicine is well-versed in the advantages of using regenerative medicine products for patients who suffer from chronic pain. If you live in the Los Angeles area,


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